Sasha Spievogel, Artistic Director

The Incredible Real Life Spy Story Told in Dance
Defiant to the end, her last cry was “LIBERTÉ!”

November 13th at 3:30pm
St. Mark’s Church

131 E 10th St, NYC

Tickets $25.
$18 seniors and students
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(tickets available at door
day of show - cash only)

Written and Directed by
Sasha Spielvogel
David Majzlin
Sasha Spielvogel and
Felicia Norton

Felicia Norton

“Felicia Norton as NOOR
by Labyrinth Dance -
beautiful, nuanced and subtle.”
– Amiel Clarke, Edinburgh Festival Magazine

“Highlight was Labyrinth’s NOOR.
Felicia Norton outstanding.”
- Three Weeks, Edinburgh Festival review

Programs opens with
Roger Ansanelli
singing and playing Crystal Bowls creating a sacred space for the inspiring story of Noor.

Performance followed by a Q&A

For more information, contact
Jon-Marc McDonald, 646.719.3690

Proceeds from the performance
to benefit:

Enter into the unknown, face your demons,
     wrestle with them and finally,
          emerge from the surrounding darkness
                                      toward a point of clarity

Felicia Norton in NOOR