As a child Sasha Spielvogel wanted to fly and to have a horse. Dancing was, at that time, the most practical compromise between the two.

Ms. Spielvogel comes from New Haven, Connecticut and is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor who became a city planner and a mother who held a PhD in Art History from Yale University. Ms. Spielvogel graduated from NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where she also was able to train at the schools of Paul Sanasardo, Martha Graham and Jose Limon.

Early on she danced for other choreographers but began choreographing as a means of exploring her inner universe; for her, it was the only way to satisfy a deep creative hunger. She studied to be a Gestalt Therapist, thinking she should actually earn a living, but realized that making dances was more important. She felt that leading an audience choreographically "into the labyrinth" to wrestle with their inner demons and emerge to a place of clarity was her best means of helping people. As many of her dances come to her in a dreamlike state, she has coined a term for her method of choreographing: Snoreography!

Ms. Spielvogel is married to composer David Burger and lives in Queens. Their daughter Silkie majors in Theater at Muhlenberg College.

Pictured: Photo of Ms. Spielvogel by Kaufman