Labyrinth Dance Theater has been in existence under my direction since 1979. Over the years, I have grown as a choreographer and yet have remained true to my original impulses as a creative artist.

The purpose of Labyrinth's work is to create theatrical pieces which study nobility, frailty and intensity of emotion. It's been my experience that people want to see a story being told when they go to the theater or see a film. The first thing an audience member will ask is, What is it about? From my perspective, the same is true of the dance that I want to create. So we use powerful and beautiful movement as the means to tell the story.

Labyrinth performs pieces which are personal psychological and spiritual journeys. Our themes deal with social justice and human dignity. Our dances explore desire and addiction, grief and ecstasy, and finally, the redemption of our all-too-human hearts.

Sasha Spielvogel,
Artistic Director

photo from Ms. Spielvogel's dance film DARK ANGEL.