“In a season where content has been consistently confused or nonexistent, Sasha Spielvogel and her caring company of dancers raised the art form to where it should always be: Towering.”

- Attitude Magazine

“Sasha Spielvogel's work is full of visually striking images....”

— Jack Anderson, New York Times

The Sleep of Reason” was most impressive. I'm pleased that the Government of Spain could help launch this wonderful project"

— Gerrardo Bugallo, Cultural Attache, Spanish Consulate

Through the Cracks” a work Mahler-like, fused widely disparate events and music into a blazing whole of power and compassion. This was an amazing evening."

— Rondo - Finnish newspaper

In the Field of Holy Apples” is a work of passion and clarity, of authentic vision, a revelation of the forces of ritual, myth, memory and dream within us all."

— Katherine Janowitz

"Spielvogel's "Waltz for a Shattered World” was a powerful achievement, performed superbly. The work was totally mesmerizing. The audience remained completely quiet until exploding into applause. Every facet was worked out impressively, the eye being guided to just where the next action was to be played. Image after image burned the mind. The cast was glorious, each member assumed a character and lived it through dance and acting. Avishay Ya'ars music was at all times sympathetic and supportive, with its own force. May you all have a chance to see it."

— Bert Wechsler, Attitude Magazine


Felicia Norton & Martin Lofsnes in Ms Spielvogel's BACKSTREET