Thank you to the supporters without whose help LDT would not of been able to make our successful sojourn to the Fringe Festival & trip to Europe.

Toby and John Atlas
Vicki L. Ax
James Ball
Gil and Eleanor Bashe
Charles Baran
Doug Barron
Elinor and Gil Bashe
Abba E. Borowich
Perry Brass
Richard and Susan Burger
Rosalie Calabresse
Diana Carulli
Diana Clark
Steve Cohen
Eve Cuyen
Itai Daniel
Susan Davis
Robert and Cynthia Doniger
Stanley Dorn
Russ and Merzy Eisenberg
Nina Drucker
Joanne Edelman
Ira and Fredda Epstein
Joshana Erenberg
Shalisha Erenberg
Bill and Christine Erenberg
Virginia Frances
Isabelle Ganz
Ilka and Burt Geikes
Rosalind Gold
Janice Goldberg
Steven Goldstein
Cheryl and Bill Gross
Bonnie Hoag
Josh and Rhonda Jacobson

Hilda Jaffe
Ruby and Noam Kornfield
Pat LaunerMatthew and Vivian Lazar
Uri and Tina Lemberger
Ricki Lippitz
Rachel R. Lieberman
Zoe Morsette
Ellen McKey
Geoffrey Ovington
Vinit Parmar
Lisa and Tom Pengitore
Ellen Perecman
Cantor Shayna Postman
Hal Richman
Ellen Robbins
Anna and Jon Rosen
Elaine Rubell
Michael and Lizette Rubell
Larry and Jill Sandberg
Joseph Schindelheim
Webb Segur
Carolyn Sesbeau
Anita Shapolsky
Alan Sokolof
Elaine and Paul Suchow
Kathryn Sullivan
Neil and Sharon Tallis
Craig Taubman
Allan and Jeremy Tucker
Gideon Vaisman
Iris and Lenny Waxman
Larry Wagner
Loretta White
Frances and Norman Zamcheck

photo from Ms. Spielvogel's FURY.

Labyrinth Dance Theater is made possible by the generous support from the following organizatons, grants and our Board of Directors.

If you would like to help support LDT by making a tax-deduductable contribution by click the Paypal link, or by contacting Sasha Spielvogel. Contact information is available on the contact page or via email. Thank you.


American-Scandinavian Foundation (Twice)
Finlandia Foundation (National, Metropolitan Chapters) (3 Times)
Wihuri Foundation (Finland) (Twice)
Harkness Foundations for Dance (3 Times)
BAM/651 Partnership Space Grant
92nd Street Y Space Grant
Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation
Rita Poretsky Foundation (3 Times)
Spanish Consulate